Sunday, 6 July 2014

3 most useful machines we used while building with light clay

Why did we use this equipment in the first place?  

Building a natural home requires much more work that the standard one. We are building ourselves without any contractors. It allow us to save some money however also means that we are loosing our wages that we could earn at this time. To shorten the time of building we have decided to use the following 3 agricultural machines. They turned out to be brilliant.

  3 most useful machines we have used so far

1. mixer feeder

We have used it to mix the straw with clay and water

2. mixer

We have used it to mix the clay with water to achieve a heavy cream consistency

3. hay blower

This was used to transport bigger amounts of light clay from the ground up to the first floor 


Also nailer turned out to be extremely useful.

Except for the nailer we have made some technical changes to mixer feeder and mixer. We removed some knives and other mixing parts to adjust them better. All in order to keep the length of the straw as long as possible.

If you know of any other machinery we could use please let us know in the comments below. Thank you on behalf of everyone that will find your comment useful one day.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Women's Natural Building

photo by Kinga Krzęczko
Woman also build with nature

If you think that natural building belongs to men only, you are so wrong. More and more women takes part in natural building workshops, run such a workshops, look after promotion of eco building. Also the number of women doing natural home projects, working on a construction site or building her own house is growing fast.

What convinces women to go with natural building technologies?
  • intuition
  • aesthetic, unique design, the beauty of the interiors and the outside look of the house
  • spiritual aspect, the climate of the house, good energy, friendliness
  • being closer to nature by building with natural materials
  • healthy environment / healthy interior, at a certain stage of life, our health, well-being and good form become more important than ever,  also very often the time when the baby comes is the time when we women turn to what's healthier for our families and for ourselves
  • let's call it 'the cave effect', statistically, it does not necessarily mean that it is a rule, women tend to spend more time at home than men, therefore the interior and the building is more important for her than it is to man

Lady pioneers in natural building

As far as promotion and development of natural building is concerned, Paulina Wojciechowska from Earth Hands and Houses makes a big change with her enthusiasm, passion and great work she does. Also Barbara Wojtkowska Guicherit from Ekocentrycy as well as Monika Sierakowska from Earth-Heart bring a lot to Polish eco building. When it comes to foreign lady pioneers I would say that Sigi Koko does great job too. If you know any other lady heros of natural building please let me know in the comments below. Thank you 

As a woman do I need to be super strong to build a home?
No. Natural building is much more woman-friendly than the traditional one. Most of the works on the construction site can be done by woman too. Those who know me, know that I am not super fit. Doing some yoga from time to time and last 9 years spent in the office did not prepare me to be a builder at all. However I am doing good and if I can do it, you can too. To build the walls or make the plasters you do not need to be the strongest in town. That is truth for the straw bale, light clay and cob. Building with earth bags or earth ships would be much harder. Nevertheless friendliness of natural materials and the ways of building natural homes makes the natural building woman-friendly. And what I think is great is that nowadays woman more and more tend to take this opportunity.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Some Photos From Natural Building Workshop

Please see below couple of pictures we made during our first ever natural building workshop in May this year. This was a great weekend. Full of good wibes, lovely people, good weather, no one was protesting and we managed to do 200% of what Arek and I initially planned for that weekend. It went nearly as fast as last year when we were preparing timber frame time lapse.

The purpose of this article is to say Big Thank You to our families, friends, neighbors, our workshop people, visitors and everyone who give us a hand, came to visit and support us during that weekend. Thank you all so much. You have been great :)

Photo by Wojtek Babiuch

Photo by Wojtek Babiuch
warsztaty-budownictwo-naturalne warsztaty-budownictwo-naturalne

warsztaty-budownictwo-naturalne warsztaty-budownictwo-naturalne


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

We are still building and building

We are still on the site being busy with building. Please see below couple of pictures we made recently. You can see the whole process and the way we do our walls this summer.








Thursday, 5 June 2014

We are creating a Light Clay Blog Catalog

How about creating a Light Clay Blog Catalog? What do you think? If you know about one or maybe you are one of them Light Clay bloggers already please let us know. We would also include any fb fanpage or any website that is all about light clay. 

We think that there is not many blogs about light clay out there yet. Therefore having a list of them would be a treat.

So please join us in this exchange of knowledge and maybe Light Clay would have its renaissance time period :)

Here below in the comments section we are waiting for your suggestions of blogs and websites so we could create this niche Light Clay Catalog. Thank you Folks! :)


Sunday, 25 May 2014

10 Reasons to build your own natural home with clay and straw

1. For the next couple of years you would not have to worry about where to go on your holidays. You will spend them on your building site, that's for sure.

2. When your friends on facebook are uploading those pictures of them and some famous people, you might be proud that you met this Polish guru of natural building Paweł Sroczyński the other day.

3. There is a big chance that among your friends and family you will be the first eccentric weirdo that will be living in a clay house one day.

4. You will
leave something behind. After your death and after your gmail account would be deleted, the clay house you build will still be functioning perfectly for the next couple of decades.

You simply have to much savings and whant to get rid of them as soon as you can.

6. Can you remember those boring winter evenings when you were relaxing, listening to your favorite tunes and reading the books you love? Well they are gone mate... All the winter evenings you will be spending doing research on natural building now.


7. When someone ask you what were you up to recently, the answer will be the same each time: I have been to this natural building workshop or to permaculture gathering, yeap that's all I do now.

8. Do you remember those friends of yours that were forcing you to sit and watch their 2hours long wedding video. Great! The sweet revenge is comming. Show them hundreds of photos you made on your construction site this summer and yea... explain every single detail you possibly can.

9. When you are wrecked at the end of the day and just feel like giving up, just think for the moment. You are nearly as cool as those guys from Grand Designs.

10. Pleople will probably think that you eat mainly carrots and sprouts, you were a hippie as teenager and you have some chickens wandering around your house.

* Just to make it clear... we were never hippie like in the secondary school (below photos of ours are badly photoshopped) and we do not have any chickens yet :)