Sunday 17 November 2013

Situational Plan - what we want our EcoFarm to be

It would be a good idea to start with the introduction of what we want our EcoFarm to be. In terms of the buildings and so on our action plan looks like this:

A clay house
On the ground floor we will have a dining room with a fireplace and a terrace. Home made breakfasts and the dinners will be provided to our guests. We will do our best to provide good quality seasonal food straight from our vegetable garden. Dining room will be pretty big and it will be used as a workshop room occasionally. What kind of workshops, we are not sure yet. Probably the ones that it's reasonable to have indoors. Maybe except for the workshops like wood turning, spoon making and other that produce tons of wood chippings :) Timber frame of the house plus the roof are done already - as per this year agenda it's ticked off.

Three holiday cottages
In each cottage we will have a living room plus bathroom downstairs  and 3 bedrooms  upstairs. Timber frames plus the roofs are done already - as per this year agenda it's ticked off.

A little old stone building
This one will be renovated keeping as much of its original qualities as possible. We are planning to convert it into joinery workshop. Initial renovation has been done plus the new roof - as per this year agenda it's ticked off.

The following are the planned things we want to build and prepare in the near future:

       * round altane with place for fire bone , 
       * a horse stable, a horse paddock, a horse grass-land,
       * a  swimming pond, Russian banya, clay walls hobbit style,
       * orchard, vegetable garden, greenhouse, reed bed.
       * a few square meters of super-short lawn for Anna, the rest of the lawn will be Arek's  
        which means grass kept along with Permaculture standards 
        which means no-mow grass
        which means a wild meadow basically.

Finally our situactional plan. This is our visionary 'Building with Clay Google Map' which will be updated whenever needed. From the top left there's a little old stone building, which was on the property before, then our house, three holiday cottages and a horse stable.

Good friend of ours and a big Permaculture fan has created a landscape plan for us. Thanks a mill Dawid!

If you have any ideas and suggestions in relation to above please feel free to comment below. Much appreciated

Best of luck
Anna & Arek

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