Sunday 25 May 2014

10 Reasons to build your own natural home with clay and straw

1. For the next couple of years you would not have to worry about where to go on your holidays. You will spend them on your building site, that's for sure.

2. When your friends on facebook are uploading those pictures of them and some famous people, you might be proud that you met this Polish guru of natural building Paweł Sroczyński the other day.

3. There is a big chance that among your friends and family you will be the first eccentric weirdo that will be living in a clay house one day.

4. You will
leave something behind. After your death and after your gmail account would be deleted, the clay house you build will still be functioning perfectly for the next couple of decades.

You simply have to much savings and whant to get rid of them as soon as you can.

6. Can you remember those boring winter evenings when you were relaxing, listening to your favorite tunes and reading the books you love? Well they are gone mate... All the winter evenings you will be spending doing research on natural building now.


7. When someone ask you what were you up to recently, the answer will be the same each time: I have been to this natural building workshop or to permaculture gathering, yeap that's all I do now.

8. Do you remember those friends of yours that were forcing you to sit and watch their 2hours long wedding video. Great! The sweet revenge is comming. Show them hundreds of photos you made on your construction site this summer and yea... explain every single detail you possibly can.

9. When you are wrecked at the end of the day and just feel like giving up, just think for the moment. You are nearly as cool as those guys from Grand Designs.

10. Pleople will probably think that you eat mainly carrots and sprouts, you were a hippie as teenager and you have some chickens wandering around your house.

* Just to make it clear... we were never hippie like in the secondary school (below photos of ours are badly photoshopped) and we do not have any chickens yet :)

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