Sunday 6 July 2014

3 most useful machines we used while building with light clay

Why did we use this equipment in the first place?  

Building a natural home requires much more work that the standard one. We are building ourselves without any contractors. It allow us to save some money however also means that we are loosing our wages that we could earn at this time. To shorten the time of building we have decided to use the following 3 agricultural machines. They turned out to be brilliant.

  3 most useful machines we have used so far

1. mixer feeder

We have used it to mix the straw with clay and water

2. mixer

We have used it to mix the clay with water to achieve a heavy cream consistency

3. hay blower

This was used to transport bigger amounts of light clay from the ground up to the first floor 


Also nailer turned out to be extremely useful.

Except for the nailer we have made some technical changes to mixer feeder and mixer. We removed some knives and other mixing parts to adjust them better. All in order to keep the length of the straw as long as possible.

If you know of any other machinery we could use please let us know in the comments below. Thank you on behalf of everyone that will find your comment useful one day.

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