Friday 3 October 2014

Natural Building and Sustainable Lifestyle talk-show is coming soon

Interviews with inspiring people as blog posts?

Yes. I will be launching this new series on our blog soon. It's going to be called 'Building with Clay Talk Show'. I will be interviewing people who I find inspiring in natural building and sustainable lifestyle world. Those are going to be people who are passionate about what they do and just passionate about Nature itself.

But why to do the talk show? 
  • reason number 1 is to promote natural building and sustainable life style
  • reason number 2 is getting the answers for the questions I always wanted to ask
  • reason number 3 is making my childhood dream come truth, the dream was to have my own talk show on telly just like Oprah, talk to those inspiring people, learn form them and just get inspired, and every time to wear the most amazing shoes!
I know that some people might think that having a blog talk-show is a bit crazy idea. But you know what? For some people even building a clay house is a madness. Isn't it ;)

Building With Clay Blog Talk Show S01E01 is coming soon 

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