Home library is one of the things that we can not wait for. Arek always says 'Let's buy them old-fashioned paper books before they will all be released only as e-books in the future ;)'

We do not want devote an entire room for the books - we would not have that many of them. We would rather arrange home library in the living room, probably on one of the walls. However what we are worried about is that the wall with the books might look extremely colourful. It might even dominate the whole interior of living room. We are wandering what to do to keep the space very natural and calm looking. The whole idea of living room is to have a comfortable relaxing open space. The library could also be situated in the hallway instead... Some interesting ways of organising the books below.

Home library design ideas

Futuristic bookshelves

Very classy...

Or maybe the hallway?

FRIDAY, 12 JULY 2013

We will soon upload some new pictures from the building site. In the meantime please see some interior design ideas that truly inspire us. We will have three bedrooms and one living room to arrange in each of the little houses. Big challenges ahead of us. Your opinions and suggestions are valuable to us therefore it would be great if you could let us know which of below you like most and why. Your ideas would hellp to make decisions in which direction we should go as far as interior design is concerned :) Thank you in advance!

Bedrooms design ideas
1.  100% organic bedroom
 The Friend House Ecohotel

2. Earth tones
 The Friend House Ecohotel

3. When less is more... 
 The Friend House Ecohotel

4. Dorm room style

Living room design ideas

5. View from our window will be totally different

6. Living room/ Reception

The Friend House Ecohotel

7. Gentle contrasts

8. Open space / Minimalistic living room

MONDAY, 8 JULY 2013 

Arek is still working at the building site at the moment and I am looking for an inspiration. I know it is going to take a while till we will be arranging our interiors however I am already looking for the ideas. The aesthetics of our future interiors is as important for us as its functionality, ergonomics, minimalism, friendliness and willingness to cooperate. Please see some interesting kitchen ideas that we like.

  Kitchen design ideas

Asian style

Organic kitchen

One more Asian style kitchen

 Tomir's Rustic kitchen



Fireplace design ideas


Mexican clay fireplace

Full wall fireplace
Retro style fireplace

Moroccan style fireplace


Bathroom design ideas

Moroccan tadelakt bathroom

 Wooden sink

Moroccan tadelakt once again

...and tadelakt bath. Can you imagine shaping your bath yourslef?
No limits :)

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